Paying a fee to park at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center will become reality someday.  Not that I’m going to lead the charge to make it happen, but this is just about getting ready for the day.   

As we look into the future, long about October 3 there will be about 12,000 fans descending upon the brand-spanking new structure to see country music superstar Jason Aldean.  Much of the attention will be given to what goes on inside the building.  There should be appropriate focus for the outskirts of the structure.  Parking will be at a premium even with the added spaces near McCart Fields.

The next step is likely to be fees to park in adjacent lots to the new event center.  Already adjacent neighborhoods are seeing some overflow parking on the streets.  Actually charging to park in the lots may push some people further into the neighborhood depending on their willingness to save money by walking.

Howard Wood Field has already factored into the equation with the movement of the Sioux Falls Washington versus Huron football game to Thursday.  As a result the two events will not go head-to-head for a parking pecking order.  What a nightmare that would have been.

Go to a show in Kansas City or the Twin Cities and you will pay to park.  You may not like it, but the demand for spaces will entice someone to approve a plan sometime in the future at the PREMIER Center.

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