They're everywhere, they're everywhere!

OK, not much anymore but there was a day!

Chances are if you, ah, utilized the services of an outhouse you may be carrying just a bit of age of those bones of yours. It may have been at your favorite campground, perhaps at school. Heck, it may have been just outside the backdoor of your house. No wait, probably a little farther than 'just' outside your backdoor. With these babies, it was good to have a little distance.

And now the government was thinking about killing them altogether.

I see on the Associated Press newswire that the legislature in Rhode Island had introduced a bill that would have outlawed outhouses statewide. Apparently there was a good old fashioned neighborly 'dispute' about an outhouse. It was, ah, let's just say 'sniffing distance' of a neighbor and it caused a big stink (clever writing there, huh?).

Anyway, the legislator that had introduced the bill withdrew it saying it's better left to local municipalities.

In other words, bring it to the mayor's office and let him decide.

But it may be an indication of what's to come, the demise of another traditional American institution, like the under-dash cassette player and calling long-distance after 7:00 P.M. because it's cheaper. The relaxing outhouse is going the way of the catalog's that used to set right beside the 'ol one-holer.



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