A lot of us, ah, didn't exactly have the new, shiny hot car when we were growing up. There we were, our first car (for me it was between my Junior and Senior year in High School) and it was of a used variety.

A very used variety.

It was about 10 years old, 100,000 miles on the odometer was already a thing of memory, a giant puff of blue smoke would rumble out the exhaust pipe when you floored it and...well, it sputtered just a bit (Kind of like dad's old 'B' John Deere!). But there was one way to make that baby cool. I mean real cool!

Ditch the old 8-track player (Don't know what an 8-track player is? Ask your Grandparents) and put in one of the all new super fine under-dash cassette players!

Of course, you had to put it in yourself (with the help of a buddy or two). Screw that cassette player in under the 'ol dashboard, run a couple wires back to those nifty Kraco speakers in the back window and you, my friend, were stylin'!

I had 'em all, from Cash to Creedence, Haggard to Zeppelin and back. Crank that baby up and cruise up and down main (It didn't matter the town, we all did that, remember?).

And then, all of a sudden, it happened: The song got just a bit wobbly, then a bit wobblier...uh oh, hit the eject button.


But it wouldn't eject, the cassette wouldn't come out. Until, finally it did...and you had about a mile and a half of tape spread all over the floor. Oh, if it wasn't too bad, you could take a pencil and try to rewind the tape back in.

Yeah, that always worked (insert sad face here).

It wouldn't be too long and wow! Progress hit! They actually put the cassette player right into the dash out of the factory!

My my, what will they think of next?

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