A recently surfaced video on YouTube lists the top ten places to visit in Sioux Falls from an outsider's perspective.

601 Travels explores cities all across the U.S. and gives some great insights on what to do if you happen to be traveling through that area. You can watch clips on Memphis, New Orleans, and Austin. One of its most recent videos was for the city of Sioux Falls.

For the most part, this list is pretty solid, except for the number one spot. For starters, it's not even located in the city of Sioux Falls. Check out the video to see the full top ten.

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I'm not sure if this list was intended to be the top ten places in order, or not but here's what 601 Travels has on its list:

10) Washington Pavilion: 100% agree on this one. It's one of the gems of our city and provides so much in terms of arts and entertainment to Sioux Falls as a whole.

9) Falls Park: Before starting this video I was sure Falls Park would be number one on the list. It's arguably the most well-known thing about Sioux Falls.

8) Cathedral of St. Joseph: This beautiful Catholic Church is one of the finest landmarks in the city of Sioux Falls.

7) Wild Water West: One of the best summer destinations around.

6) Great Bear: A great place to ski in the winter and explore in the summer.

5) Terrace Park: This park is one of the best in the entire city.

4) Great Plains Zoo: Such a fun, family friendly place to visit, with a wide variety of animals.

3) U.S.S. South Dakota: The resting place of one of the most important Battleships from WWII.

2) Old Courthouse: The old Sioux Falls Courthouse (built in 1889) is now a fantastic museum. You can learn more about it here.

1) Buffalo Ridge Ghost Town: I know we're splitting hairs here, but this being number one really surprised me, as it's not even technically in Sioux Falls. You can find the old ghost town (built in the 60s) in between Sioux Falls and Hartford.

Number one aside, I think this video sheds light on some of the best destinations and landmarks in the city of Sioux Falls. You can check it out below.

Story Source: 601 Travels via YouTube

Story Source: Siouxland Museums 

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