Office romances happen everywhere. Sometimes it's totally obvious that your co-workers are dating, while other times you would have no idea it ever happened. The truth is: it occurs way more than you think.

In a national survey conducted earlier this year by Harris Poll on behalf of Career Builder, 3252 full-time employees over the age of 18 (not self-employed, not government) were quizzed on their dating history at work. Here are the stats:

By the numbers: 

* 37% of employees say that they have dated at least one co-worker over the course of their career

* 17% of those who have say it has happened more than once

* 23% of the romances involved a superior, including an immediate boss

* 33% of office romances have led to saying “I do”

* 1 in 5 who’ve had a work relationship had an affair, where one or both of them were married at the time

* More than 2 in 5 employees had no clue if their company has a dating policy

Stats by gender:

* 71% of men say they would date a co-worker again

* 43% of women say they would not revisit the idea

* 22% of men have had a random work hookup

* 15 % of women have had a random work hookup

Where it all begins:

* Happy Hour: 12%

* Late nights on the job: 11%

* Lunches: 11%

* Running into one another in public: 10%

* Love at first sight: 9%


So while it may be a popular thing going on right now, I would not recommend seeking out a workplace relationship for it could get complicated. The last thing you want is to awkwardly run into an ex every day.

Sources: Vault, Career Builder