Millions of Americans pass through the Mount Rushmore State every year, and last year, South Dakota saw a record number of spending by tourists within its borders.

South Dakota shares its borders with four states:

  1. North Dakota to the north.
  2. Minnesota to the northeast.
  3. Iowa to the southeast.
  4. Nebraska to the south.
  5. Wyoming to the West
  6. Montana to the Northwest

Most of these states have an interstate or highway running through the state lines, except one, desolate border crossing, which virtually no one passes through.

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Which South Dakota Border Has No Paved Roads?

Credit: Aswathy N via Unsplash
Credit: Aswathy N via Unsplash

That would be the great state of Montana. It's one of the more isolated borders in the entire United States. In fact, the tri-state border of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana is located in a field, which takes hours to travel to from the nearest city.

Several roads run across the South Dakota and Montana border, but they are, in fact, gravel, and most of them are rarely traveled. They are so out in the middle of nowhere that you'll likely spot some wildlife while you're out there too. Don't be surprised to see wild pronghorns, snakes, and mountain goats while you're searching for the official border marker.

To see how isolated and lonely this area is, check out the video below where a YouTube adventurer travels to the tri-state marker of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.

Story Source: Newscenter 1 Website

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