Apparently raising the speed limit in North Dakota to 80mph is just way too expensive. Last week the house failed to pass HB1264 which would have increased North Dakota’s speed limit to 75 mph for state highways and 80 mph for the interstates according to NewsDakota.

Representatives voted 46-46 to shoot down the proposal from Rep. Jake Blum, a Republican from Grand Forks.

In the fiscal notes which are reports on the expected costs or revenues resulting from a particular piece of legislation, the North Dakota DOT says that it would cost around $4.8 million in the next biennium and over $4.5 million per biennium afterward “for at least 20 years.” That’s nearly $50 million.

Rep. Ben Koppelman from West Fargo blasted the “ridiculous fiscal notes,” saying “In South Dakota, which has roughly the same number of Interstate miles as we do, they had a cost of $22,000 for 80 mph,” he said referring to that state raising its speed limit. “Our cost, $4.8 million.”

As in most cases with close votes, this one may come to the floor again.

Source: NewsDakota



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