A Summer without baseball, it's hard to imagine. Even people who are not fans of the sport, are accustomed to it being the normal game of Summer, from the major leagues right down to little league.

In 1994, the game of baseball was interrupted. As a result, there was no World Series that year. There's no way I can imagine a Fall without a series, but it happened.

There was a baseball lockout in 1994. The series was cancelled on September 14 of that year due to a strike that began on August 12.

It was only the second time in Major League Baseball history that a World Series was not played. The other time it occurred was 90 years prior, and it wasn't because of a strike.

The first World Series cancellation being in 1904. It was due to a business rivalry between the two leagues. The American League felt the National League was a junior league and therefore believed it wasn't necessary to have to play them.

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