There's certainly nothing wrong with having a college degree. When you're looking for a job, sometimes a degree is required, sometimes it's preferred and sometimes its just good to have.

With that being said, employers aren't as strident as they used to be about having that degree in hand when applying for work.

Fox Business is reporting that some of the biggest employers in the nation are removing the degree requirement when looking for folks to come to work. And with the cost of college what it is, this is good news for job seekers.

Companies like Google, Bank of America, IBM and Apple are essentially saying 'No degree? No problem'.

With worker shortages, companies are dropping the degree requirement, at least for some positions. But if you do have a degree, there's nothing wrong with that! That piece of paper is still important and certainly remains an important consideration when assessing a candidate overall for a position.

And the report goes on to say that folks with that degree still fare much better financially in life.

So if you have a degree, good for you! And if you don't have a degree, things just got a little easier in that hunt for a good job!

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