It seems that more and more professional athletes are using facilities here in Sioux Falls to keep up with their training during COVID-19 downtime. The latest is Easton Stick. Stick is a former quarterback for the Bison of NDSU [currently with Los Angeles Chargers] and recently signed on with Sanford Health Team in Sioux Falls. According to Sanford;

Tuesday, Stick went through a series of tests with Sanford POWER and the Sanford Sports Science Institute in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In doing so, he gained insight into his throwing mechanics, his diet, his mental performance and a sweat analysis that will help him with hydration and nutrition. All of which he can now incorporate into his training.

According to the story, penned by Mick Gary;

He will embark on this pivotal season with Sanford support. In becoming part of the Sanford crew he’s joining former Bison star quarterback Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as Wentz’s Eagles teammates Dallas Goedert and Nate Gerry. The group also includes Minnesota Vikings Kyle Rudolph and C.J. Ham.

See the complete story here!

It's not his first trip to Sioux Falls for Easton Stick. I remember one trip in particular. A couple of years ago, he was in town with NDSU teammate and Washington Standout Dan Marlette. While they were out bowling after the season my son told them Dad's radio station is looking for volunteers to help out at The Banquet in the morning. My son Tad said, 'he didn't miss a beat and said let's do it! and he added, 'he's a real cool, stand-up guy.' 

Tad, Easton, and Dan are pictured in the back row the morning they helped serve at The Banquet in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Kelly Nyberg
Kelly Nyberg
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