New Year's Eve this year was jam packed. I had a wedding to attend and passes for a suite at The District. Both of which, were work related.

My co-worker, Jerry P, tied the knot on December 31st. It was a beautiful ceremony and a great reception to follow. However, after the people I knew from work left and it was all the bride and groom's college friends, I felt a little weird. Plus, all the couples paired off quickly.

So, I had some friends waiting across town at The District. The District always throws a huge party for the New Year and this did not disappoint. Our friend, DJ Kor was on hand keeping the music rocking and I, for the first time ever, had passes for one of the VIP suites. We had given some away on the show, so I snagged a couple. It was so great to see everything from above and not be in a sweaty hot mess down below. Plus, there was free food and champagne! My favorite kind of anything is free.

As it was getting closer to midnight, the staff asked if we wanted to help let some balloons go, so we tried to help. Operative word is try.

Check out the countdown and our balloon fail.

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