Even though Valentine's Day is over, ladies will still enjoy receiving a thoughtful gift outside of this "Hallmark holiday." This is certainly true if guys dropped the ball on getting their Valentines that special little present.


The Empire Mall in Sioux Falls is always trying to bring new stores to the mall to give shoppers an opportunity to explore a variety of options. A particular store coming to The Empire Mall will allow mall patrons to search for jewelry that's stylish and affordable.


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In a recent press release, The Empire Mall announced that Pandora jewelry store will be opening in the shopping center this summer. This national jewelry store is "an affordable, luxury jewelry brand, offers shoppers high-quality, fine jewelry pieces that include their iconic charms, bracelets, necklaces and more. They (Pandora) will be located next to Sephora and White House | Black Market." This is actually the return of Pandora to The Empire Mall. It first opened in the mall in 2015 and subsequently closed its doors in 2020.


Jewelry from Pandora will definitely put a smile on anyone's face! Pandora is really known for its personalized bracelets and crafted charms. These bracelets really allow an individual’s personality to shine through the fine-crafted display of charms.


It's always sad to see any business in Sioux Falls close. However, it's really exciting when a national storefront like Pandora decides to return to a smaller city like Sioux Falls. To find out all of the pertinent details regarding  Pandora’s homecoming to The Empire Mall, click here for the updates.


We can't wait to welcome Pandora back to the Sioux Empire!

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