I'm excited to learn of a new indoor baseball facility opening up here in Sioux Falls. It's called D-BAT located at 1300 East Benson Road.

It has been an extremely long Winter for me and I'm ready for Spring. There are all kinds of signals that it's right around the corner.

Last Sunday (March 4) I watched the city take down the ice skating sign next to my home as they closed the Tuthill Park outdoor ice rink for the season. Plus we set clocks ahead this Sunday.

Spring officially arrives a week from Tuesday on March 20. And that means it's finally time for baseball.

And that's my whole point of this story. I'm a baseball coach, and I'm stressed out that my players haven't even put a glove on in six months.

My sport has always been baseball. And when I played, I just hated when Fall would come and all my teammates would put the gloves and bats down and go play football. And then Winter would come and it was time for basketball.

No wonder we never got as good as we could have at baseball. We only played for a short time each year.

I got some pretty strange look from my schoolmates when the team catcher and I would bring our gloves to school in the middle of the Winter and play catch in the school auditorium.

I wanted to stay sharp with my pitching arm. You can only be the best at something if you stay with it and practice. And this new facility will give baseball players a place to do it in the off season. I salute the owner, Kurt Zabel.

Zabel played college ball around here, and knew what it was like to face teams from Southern states that practiced year round. They were always way better.

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