A few weeks ago I wrote about a new restaurant and marketplace coming soon to the Carpenter Building in downtown Sioux Falls. That new establishment now has a name and a pretty good idea on when it will be opening its doors for business.

KSFY TV is reporting the former Keller’s Green Grocery location in the Carpenter Building at 221 South Phillips Avenue is about to become Myers Deli & More starting in mid March.

Owner Dan Myers told our friend Jodi Schwan with SiouxFalls.Business that things are progressing nicely. Myers, who has been a chef for a number of different area restaurants, has some big plans for his new deli and market. Once they open, you can expect to see many fresh meats such as house-made prime rib, oven-roasted turkey, Black Forest ham, jalapeño bacon, corned beef, and pastrami. They'll be no shortage of cheeses as well, and according to SiouxFalls.Business a deli counter that will include a salad bar, and a menu featuring hot and cold sandwiches.

Myers told SiouxFalls.Business the attached micro-market will have a number of grab-and-go items, including prepared foods, Stensland milk and ice cream, and convenience items.

Myers plans to keep the evolution process of the new Myers Deli & More going once they open up, by adding fine dining in the evening a month or so after they open and eventually add a Sunday brunch.

Once you step inside the new Myers Deli & More, it sounds like you'll barely be able to recognize the old Keller’s Green Grocery location after all the changes Myers has made to the place. SiouxFalls.Business says the space itself will feature seating for nearly 50 people, along with some nice leather couches for people to relax on. Myers also plans to convert the former hotel safe into a wine display.

If things remain on schedule, Myers Deli & More will open its doors by the middle of March and be open daily at the beginning from 10 AM to 8 PM. With later hours every Thursday through Saturday.   

Source: KSFY TV/SiouxFalls.Business

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