South Dakota has done a lot of less-than-brilliant things with regard to the Native American people and culture over the years.

Today our state government did an incredibly smart thing.

The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD Baby!) announced Friday that beginning July 1 you can buy an alternative license plate featuring the image of the Dignity sculpture by Dale Lamphere that was put up recently near Chamberlain, overlooking the Missouri River.

It’s a grand and beautiful piece of art.

South Dakota Motor Vehicle Division

And now – finally – you can get a South Dakota license plate that doesn’t have Mount Rushmore on it. Nothing against the Big 4 on the main mountain, but all the time, every time was getting a bit much.

You can keep those plates of you want, which for my money were terribly designed. You’re better off getting the organizational plate that strips the Great Faces across the bottom rather than imprinted as background to the number.

At any rate, this was a great decision by the state.

“The Dignity license plate will be an on-demand plate and available to anyone with a South Dakota driver’s license,” MVD Director Lisa Weyer said. “Working with Dale Lamphere, we were able to produce a very appealing license plate honoring the Dignity Sculpture.”

You can order your plate online here for $15 when it’s time for renewal. Or ask your local county treasurer when your month comes up.

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