There's a new beer out there made from Iowa corn. It's called Cornucopia.

It was first brewed just South of Knoxville, Iowa for the locals around there. But, it's so good, the whole state caught on to it, and the popularity is growing wild.

Iowa Corn and Peace Tree Brewing Company partnered to create a seasonal beer made from Iowa corn. The key ingredient to this Cornucopia beer is homegrown Iowa corn.

The corn was grown by Iowa Corn Growers Association Director Steve Kuiper on his farm just five miles from Peace Tree’s Knoxville location.

The limited-edition Cornucopia beer will be available through participating Hy-Vee, Fareway and other beer locations throughout Iowa. The draft will be available at participating craft beer bars and restaurants throughout Iowa.

The Cornucopia is an earthy, Belgian style beer with a hint of fruit to round it out.  It is very drinkable, but still has the complexities to intrigue the seasoned craft beer drinker as well as the novice.


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