I'm not much for new TV shows and series. And by 'new', I mean almost anything and everything for the past 20 years or so.

Yes, I'm an old curmudgeon.

If you see me watching TV (and I don't know why you'd find yourself watching me watch TV) chances are it's 'The Andy Griffith Show', maybe 'MASH', could be 'Gunsmoke' or 'The Rockford Files'. Yes, I dabble a lot in the classic TV channel's.

But there is one or two of the 'new' shows I really like. My friend Jonny got me semi-hooked on 'Gotham' (It's basically an over-the-top cartoon without the animation).

And my favorite of the 'currents' is 'The Black List'. That 'ol rascal Raymond Reddington is one of the guys you try to hate, but end up rooting for. Oh, he's a bad guy, a real bad guy..but he's a good guy.

So anyway, the other day I'm doing my little electric radio show and I'm talking to Blaise Keller from KDLT television, the local NBC affiliate, and I mention to him that i love 'The Black List'. A few minutes later a listener calls and says 'Yeah, I heard you talking about 'The Black List'...my cousin writes that show'.

Ha ha ha...yeah, right, and my Aunt is the Queen of England.

Nope, he says, it's true, I just saw him last week at a family gathering. He's from Nebraska and still lives there. Down in Kearney, he says, a real nice young guy.

So scratching my beautifully sculpted bald head, I do some extensive research (OK, for me, that means I googled it. And it turns out, the listener was right.

Jon Bokenkamp is indeed from Kearney and he created 'The Black List'. In fact, he's an Executive Producer of the series, as well as a director. In other words, he does it all.

So, it's pretty cool that one of the few 'new' shows I love was created by a neighbor.

Hey, Nebraska is just down the road a piece, so that qualifies as 'neighbor'. And Jon, thanks for some great television! I'll be watching Red and Liz and the gang again this week.

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