As many as 40 walkers were spotted roaming the fields and roads in southwest Minnesota over the weekend.

Before you go into full Rick Grimes mode, you should know these aren't your typical "Walking Dead" walkers. These walkers have four legs, a tail, and weigh nearly 600-pounds!

KDLT News is reporting that a few dozen cows busted out of their containment pen around noon on Friday (June 30).

According to the KDLT News report, an undetermined amount of the runaway heifers were located around 9:00 PM on Sunday (July 2) near Magnolia, Minnesota.  A town, close to where they started their little walkabout.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office told KDLT News, there still may be some cows out walking on the roadways.

Drivers in the area are asked to be alert, especially at night. If you spot any of the missing heifers, you're asked to please call the Rock County Sheriff’s Office at 507-283-5000.

Source: KDLT TV

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