Barbie dolls are some of the most iconic toys in the world.  You or someone you know owned at least one Barbie, including myself.

Here are some fun facts about Barbie dolls from Antique HQ: Ruth Handler was the co-founder of the popular doll.  She gave the doll the name "Barbie" after her daughter who was named Barbara Millicent Roberts.  Ruth's daughter inspired the doll after she saw Barbara playing with paper dolls.  Ruth wanted her to have a 3D plastic doll.

As the years went on, Barbie dolls started to represent different women (or even men).  According to Antique HQ, "New Barbie dolls are produced each and every year often reflecting the era in which they were produced by sporting iconic pieces of clothing or looking similar to familiar faces from that decade. Barbie has had over 180 different careers and sported hundreds of different outfits over the past fifty years, although has still remained a popular young child’s favorite doll."  Barbie dolls are now considered collectible items that can sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars!  So if you have a Barbie doll from 1973, it could be worth something!

Do you want to see how Barbie has changed?  Click here to view Barbie from the 1950s all the way through the early 2000s!

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