Squishmallows are hopelessly adorable, plushy, and washable, stuffed toys that are so popular there is a current shortage of them. There have been Squishmallow runs in every store that carries them and online too.

Mental health professionals say that the pandemic has pushed these poufy cuties into the "most wanted" stratosphere of consumer goods.

Collectors say the stuffed animals have given them comfort in a painful year, and that hunting for them has fostered a much-needed sense of community during an extended period of isolation.- -New York Times/Taylor Lorenz"

They have been around since 2017, but are just hitting their stride now. They are described as toys with a recommended age of ownership of 3 and above.

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It apparently is we "three and above" who are driving these squishable characters toward pandemic stardom. As of this month, (March 2021) "Jazwares, the parent company of Kellytoy, which created Squishmallows" has sold 73 million of them.

According to one college student who is an avid collector, scalpers are now involved, buying out inventories and then selling them online for jacked-up prices.

USA Today, in a February 2021 article, went to the trouble of finding places where you can still find them. I followed suit by checking with several of our Sioux Falls stores.

  • Amazon (of course!) - Be prepared to spend a little - -or a whole lot!
  • Target Sioux Falls - When I called a wonderful store associate even checked inventory for me and found that they online had one in-store, but again they can be ordered through the website.
  • Walmart Sioux Falls - After doing a further search, I could only find one Squishmallow in-store, and I'm not sure that would be accurate anymore. Otherwise, most of them are supposedly available online through Walmart's website but are sold & shipped by third parties.
  • Claire's in Sioux Falls' Empire Mall - I called the store and a lovely girl named Katie told me that indeed, they did have some. They are also orderable at the Claire's website.
  • Costco Sioux Falls - Our local Costco as of 3/23/21 had about 20 for sale but have more arriving soon and there are plenty for sale online.
  • Walgreens Sioux Falls - Their website only had two Squishmallow products but they weren't the plushie type. However, a  source that I can't reveal told me that she has boosted her personal collection of 20 Squishmallows by frequenting the Walgreens toy area.

The person who gave me the last bit of info said they are "so squishy, soft, lovable and huggable that they are absolutely irresistible!"

So feel free to indulge for your kids, or if you need something to hug, yourself. I mean who wouldn't want to hug a stuffed Chewbacca, Buzz Lightyear, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, or Baby Yoda? I would!

Squishmallow away!!

Sources: New York Times and USA Today

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