Sunday (October 21) is International Day of the Nacho. Not to be confused with International Nacho Day. International Day of the Nacho is way cooler.

Did you know nachos were invented by accident? According to National Today, "Ignacio Anaya invented nachos by accident when some hungry customers needed feeding at his border town restaurant in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Lacking a chef for the night, he cut some tortillas into triangles, melted cheese together with the triangular chips, and topped it with jalapenos. Nicknamed “nacho” because of his small stature, Anaya called the dish “Nacho’s Special Dish," or “Nachos Especiales," and a dish was born."

I'd like to take a moment to thank Ignacio Anaya for giving us all the blessing of nachos.

Nachos are very popular in America. According to National Today's survey, 81% of people say they love nachos. Consider me part of that 81%. 17% say they just like them. And .5% of weirdos don't like nachos. But, like why?

26% of people have admitted to eating a whole plate of nachos by themselves. That number seems low to me. Who hasn't done that?

Also, 3% of people say they only eat nachos when they're drunk. OK, so nachos are delicious when you're drunk, but they are also delicious all the time.

My friend Mark and I consider ourselves to be nacho aficionados. We get nachos almost everywhere we go.

Personally, I haven't met a nacho I didn't like, however, not all nachos are created equal. I figure the more toppings the better! Give me all the stuff! Also, I don't mind a twist on nachos. Maybe some pulled pork or instead of chips, waffle fries or tater tots as the base. Totchos, if you will.  I love them all!

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