The "My Pillow Guy" Mike Lindell is coming to South Dakota on Monday evening (5/10/21).

The CEO of Minnesota-based My Pillow will be at the Corn Palace in Mitchell to launch his social media website "Frank", sometimes called "Frank Speech." Doors open at 4 pm, the rally will begin at 6. Admission is free and is first come first served. Joe Piscopo is open for the event.

Lindell says Frank is a "free-speech" alternative to traditional social media. This is the second attempt to launch the site. Last month, technical glitches prevented the site from getting off the ground.

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Despite being labeled as a social media platform, Frank doesn't appear to have any traditional social media functions. Instead, it consists of a static page with embedded videos feature Lindell and other contributors.

Lindell announced the Mitchell Corn Palace as the spot for Frank's launch on the "Bannon War Room" podcast last month. According to Dakota News Now, he chose South Dakota because he likes how Governor Kristi Noem has handled the pandemic response.

Lindell has been at the forefront of conservative politics and is one of former President Trump's closest supporters. Both Lindell and Trump were kicked off of several social media platforms for, what those sites claim to be "spreading unsubstantiated claims" about the results of the November presidential election.

Lindell was born in Mankato. He started several small businesses in the 80s. Lindell says he became addicted to cocaine, crack, and alcohol in the 80s and 90s. In 2009, he became sober through prayer. In 2004 he launched My Pillow with five employees. By 2017, My Pillow employed 1,500 people.

Dakota News Now and Wikipedia contributed to this article.

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