With The Walking Dead between seasons and The People VS. O.J. Simpson done, I needed a new favorite show. Well, I found it in a place I didn't expect, YouTube.

It's a very simple series of videos from The Hydraulic Press Channel.  A hydraulic press is a machine that generates a lot of force and is used (most of the time) to shape metal and things like that.

It's just a guy in Finland that crushes things with a hydraulic press. That's it. The description on their YouTube channel says it best, " Wanna see stuff getting crushed by hydraulic press? This is the right channel for you." Yes, I do want to see that. You will too. They crush LEGOs, fruit, a bowling ball and so much more great stuff. Sometimes it explodes or nearly liquefies, it's mesmerizing.

Here's some of my favorite episodes.

The theme song is called "Thor's Hammer" it's by Ethan Meixsell.

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