It's not every day that a movie or a television series is filmed in or near your hometown.  But for Riverside, Illinois, the FX cable show "Fargo" has recently been added to the list of productions filmed in that town!

The Riverside-Brookfield Landmark reports, "The village is standing in for Kansas City, circa 1950, which is why you may also have seen some vintage vehicles parked alongside the roads near the intersection of Addison and North Cowley roads and on Maplewood Road, where the filming is taking place." Filming for Season Four of the series took place on November 7th and 8th.  However, the cast and crew of "Fargo" will also continue making frequent trips to Riverside between now and March 2020.  Residents might even catch a glimpse of its stars, like comedian Chris Rock, Jack Huston, and Jason Schwartzman.

Quick side note:  I grew up in North Riverside, Illinois, and it is located right next to Riverside.  The running joke is "We are north of Riverside!"   I'd like to consider it my "adoptive" town since I graduated from St. Mary's of Riverside Catholic School. Coincidentally, "Fargo" used my grammar school's gymnasium as the hair and makeup station.

Another notable production that took place in Riverside in 2005 was the film "The Lake House." I was getting my teeth cleaned one day while they were filming.  I was sitting in the dentist's chair, and my mom came running in the examining room exclaiming, "Keanu Reeves is outside the office!" My mom, sister, and I went outside to check out the set, and Keanu was nice enough to wave and say hi to spectators.  It was so cool to see a movie production in action!

The fourth season of "Fargo" is set to premiere on FX starting sometime in 2020.

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