I've lived in Sioux Falls a few years now and I know there is still a lot in this city I have not explored. I am slowly trying to mark those things off. So last Friday, I went to Catfish Bay, The Greatest Show on H2O.

For those of you who don't know, Catfish Bay, The Greatest Show on H2O, is a water ski show. There are tricks and stunts and a little bit of a storyline and comedy and just fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's good fun for the whole family. The only thing I would recommend is ponying up a little more dough for the cushier seats. Bleacher butt is real, folks.

I was thoroughly impressed by the athleticism of these volunteers. Some of the one legged stuff really seemed tough. In my pilates class we do some of those same poses, but on solid ground, so I couldn't imagine doing it while keeping balance on a water ski!

Plus, I'm too chicken to be lifted in the air, but these skiers were legit.

Now this part of the evening, I don't think everyone gets to enjoy, but I gotta give a shoutout to Jim Bruns! He runs Catfish Bay and was kind enough to give me and my friends a boat ride around Catfish Bay after the show. Of course, we got to ride in the two engine, super fast boat. I thought about filming the experience, but I was too afraid of dropping my phone in the water, (plus, I probably don't have the memory space left) but let me just say I was freaked out. That boat was going so fast, and when we turned I thought we were going to capsize. Thanks again, Jim!

Anyway, if you haven't gone Catfish Bay to see The Greatest Show on H2O yet, do it! It is worth it!

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