Halloween is a day where you can be whatever you want to be!  From a princess to a pirate, Halloween Express has so many different costumes!

Halloween Express is located right off of 41st Street near Costco. The store is lined with costumes, masks, accessories for costumes, decorations, and more.  There's even a hidden room located in the back of the store that serves as a mini haunted house.  I couldn't go in there because I was (kind of) scared.

The other day, I went to investigate the store with Danny V. from B102.7 to get some costume ideas for the upcoming holiday.  We were in awe of all the costume options Halloween Express had available.  We couldn't decide what to try on first!

We knew that we wanted to try a themed costume together followed by two other costumes on our own.  All the costume selections were great.  But in the end, I was a member of the S.W.A.T. Team, a mermaid, and the iconic "Christmas Story" lamp, better known as "The Major Award!"

Credit: Taneil Johnson/ Townsquare Media

I can't decide what I should be for Halloween!   The choice is yours!  What do you think my costume should be for Halloween?