This doesn't sound like a bad idea...

Thousands have signed a petition to move the Super Bowl from Sunday to Saturday, at least for 2021.  TIME Magazine is reporting that 16-year-old Frankie Ruggieri is starting this movement to reschedule the big game. Frankie's reasoning is quite practical for a young teen: people are staying up too late.  The nationally televised game traditionally involves a long evening that can result in people showing up late for work or school the next morning. Frankie also believes that moving the game to a Saturday will be more profitable for the NFL and the travel industry.  People might actually extend their weekend Super Bowl jaunts to full-blown vacations!

Apparently, over 57,000 people agree with Frankie's argument.  You can add your signature to his petition.  As of now, this petition is only specific to Super Bowl 55.  But if this petition draws enough attention, you might be able to permanently catch the biggest football game of the season on a Saturday!

How do you feel about Super Bowl 55 being on a Saturday?

Source: TIME Magazine

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