If you receive an online coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond promising $75 off any in-store purchase in honor of Mother's Day - DON'T CLICK ON IT - it's a scam!

The home goods retailer is warning shoppers that there's currently a coupon circulating on Facebook that's fake. And unfortunately, it's not the only fake Mother's Day deal out there.

Lowe's Home Improvement recently put out a statement that they've also been the subject of a fake Facebook coupon, advertising $50 or $100 off a purchase. It too is a scam.

Security experts warn these online scams often times result in a subscription that's difficult to cancel. There's also a good chance your personal information will be sold.

Experts say if you do come across a coupon from a retailer and you're not sure if it's legit, contact your local store or call their customer service phone number - just to be safe.

So, as you shop for Mother's Day, just remember, some deals really are too good to be true - even when they’re for Mom.

Source: NBC News

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