Is it any wonder that our nation’s leaders cannot get anything accomplished? Here is a list of things that are in limbo because we have people in charge who can’t agree.

1) The farm bill
2) Immigration reform
3) Student loan rates
4) Aid for Egypt

This is just within the last two weeks and there is probably more that could be listed.

A huge reason for the gridlock is that there is no trust. Example: The U.S. State Department denies reports that Secretary of State John Kerry is on his yacht while Mohamed Morsi is ousted as leader of Egypt. Soon after, CBS News produced pictures of Kerry on his yacht. Ugh!

To be clear, we should allow our government officials some time off. Plus the wealth of Mr. Kerry is well documented. If he’s on his yacht enjoying a little downtime, BIG DEAL!! With the technology we have today, if he is needed Kerry could be summoned at a moment’s notice. By being honest with Americans about what he is doing, most people can accept that. Partisan hacks will use what little brain matter they have to bludgeon someone for taking a little time away. We see that for what it is.

However if our officials lie about something, the American public can recognize that also.  Where that leads is the deepening of doubt.  Should we then question whether Mr. Kerry was doing something illegal or immoral on his yacht?  Is the recent hospitalization of his wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry connected in any way to the jaunt on the water?  Something noble such as taking time off should be easy to explain otherwise why cover it up?

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