We receive thousands of visual cues and images daily, from the latest vine video to smiles from friends, sight is a commanding sense! It only follows that visual stimulus can play a huge part in our sexuality and sex lives as well.

There is a billion-dollar industry built on the visual aspect of sex and business is booming! From advertisements to lingerie, visual sexiness is top on the list. And that only makes sense considering seeing is believing, and when we see something that we find pleasurable our body reacts.

Sexual visual stimuli is everywhere. From strippers to lipstick, pornography, dance, burlesque, elaborate hairstyles, oils, muscled bodies, tight clothes, lingerie and more. From gyrating bikini clad girls to lip biting, these charged sensual cues surround us and affect us. But just how do they do that, exactly?

Men and women are a little bit different when it comes to erotic stimuli, but there are some similarities too!

When men receive visual stimulation a lot of things begin to transpire such as faster heart rate, increased blood flow, erection, and pupil dilation. The reward center of their brain lights up and they may experience a tense, giddy feeling.

Visual stimulation is a powerful part of male arousal, and contributes to sexual excitement and enjoyment overall. Visual stimulation gives men strong erotic cues and feeds their desires, stimulating fantasies and the imagination.

When women are visually stimulated, many of the same reactions occur that happen with men. Such as: faster heart rate, increased blood flow, pupil dilation, and a giddy sensation accompanied by a ‘flushed’ appearance.

Visual stimulation is important for women as well! Sexual desire and eroticism is very mental for women, however strong visual stimulation can enhance her confidence, stoke her imagination, and encourage her to be bolder and more involved sexually.

When couples bring visual stimuli into their relationship, explosive things can happen!

Using visual stimuli to act out your fantasies can be a highly pleasurable experience for both parties. Like with role play.

Role play relies on the believability of the people and items included in the role play, and that’s where visual stimulation plays a big part. If a man’s [role play] fantasy is a secretary, his partner might dress in glasses and a button-up shirt with business pumps to create the visual fantasy of the secretary and really get his blood pumping!

If a woman’s fantasy is a millionaire rancher, her partner might put on tight jeans, cowboy boots & hat, a Rolex and nothing else! The visual image of their fantasies come to life can be thrilling and intoxicating. It can create satisfying intimate experiences and bring a couple closer.

Trying out sight stimulation can be a fun experience. Things like fishnets, manicures, body glitter, temporary tattoos, jewels, piercings, wigs, heels, lingerie or revealing outfits, makeup and so on can create a whole new you and be a titillating spectacle for your partner as well! Try out different looks for different dramatic effects.

Visual stimulation is one of the most powerful and highly utilized tools at our disposal. Sight is such an encompassing sense that gives us clues about all of the other stimulation we receive. A lack of sight can be scary, or exhilarating. Too many things to see can be distracting, or even painful! But the right amounts, in the right ways, can do all the right things!

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