According to a recent study, around 75 percent of the land in Minnesota is privately owned. But where the owners come from is the real kicker.

The US Federal Government owns places like the Superior National Forest and Voyagers National Park, along with several American Indian Reservations, but the majority of land in The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes is owned by private businesses and individuals.

But, the question is, who owns the most private land in the entire state of Minnesota? The answer may surprise you.

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Who Owns The Most Private Land in Minnesota?

Minnesota Map-Getty Thinkstock
Minnesota Map-Getty Thinkstock

World Population Review recently put together its list of the largest private landowners in each state and there's a chance you've never heard of the number one spot in Minnesota.

At a whopping 286,000 acres, the Molpus Woodlands Group (out of Mississippi) owns, by far, the most land in the state.

Just what is the Molpus Woodlands Group? According to its website, here's what its Chairman, Dick Molpus group has to say:

This is our 116th year in the timber business. My grandfather, Richard Hezekiah Molpus, launched us in 1905. As you can imagine, we’ve learned a few lessons along the way. Foremost is to be appreciative of those customers who place their belief in us. We view that confidence as a sacred trust.

-Dick Molpus

To see the full list of the largest private landowners in each of the fifty states, check out the article from World Population Review.

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