Which fast food restaurant do Minnesotans prefer above all others? The answer may surprise you.

It's an eatery with over 400 locations throughout the state and can be found in almost every small town and big city.

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The website Stacker recently unveiled its list of the top fast-food restaurants in all of Minnesota. But to say it's the state's favorite might be a little far-fetched, as this list reveals which chains have the most locations throughout the state. So, which eatery takes the top spot?

Terry Jacobs TSM
Terry Jacobs TSM

That's right, Subway is the king of fast food in Minnesota, with 451 locations, in just about every corner of the state.

Here's a look at the entire list:

  1. Subway: 451 locations
  2. Caribou Coffee: 274 locations
  3. Dairy Queen: 226 locations
  4. McDonald's: 218 locations
  5. Dominos Pizza:140 locations
  6. Burger King: 111 locations
  7. Pizza Hut: 94 locations
  8. Starbucks: 92 locations
  9. Jimmy John's: 92 locations
  10. Taco Bell: 91 locations
  11. Papa Murphy's: 86 locations
  12. Arby's: 78 locations
  13. Chipotle Mexican Grill: 72 locations
  14. Taco John's: 59 locations
  15. Wendy's: 58 locations
  16. Culver's: 58 locations
  17. Noodles & Company: 47 locations
  18. Pizza Ranch: 38 locations
  19. Panera Bread: 38 locations
  20. KFC: 38 locations

This list makes you realize just how many fast-food operations are in Minnesota. And while Subway has had some franchises shut down in recent years, it is still, far and away, the number one spot, in terms of the number of restaurants in the state.

To read the full list from Stacker, check out the article here.

Story Source: Stacker Website

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