Can you feel the heat coming from our neighbors in Minnesota? From a state where hockey comes first all but three months out of the year and ice fishing may just be used as an excuse, there is more going on to keep them entertained.

When it comes to Hooking Up, there is a lot of heavy breathing going on next door. Four Loko breaks down some Google search data and has determined that Minnesota is the #16 most sex-crazed state in the US.

Winter activity comes into play more than you would think.

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Let's go back to ice fishing. It's hard to find a lake in Minnesota that doesn't have and ice house, or a couple of dozen, during the winter months. And, some of these little huts aren't so little. Plus, they are outfitted with all the plush amenities.

I really think fishing comes second.

Who would have thought that the New England states of Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts would all be in the top ten?

So, what's wrong with South Dakota?

I know winter can drag on and on but there's more to do here during the winter than Netflix binging and eating chislic. Yes, our ranking looks prudish at #43.

Do you suppose a half-price hot tub sale in every city would spice things up?

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