The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes has no shortage of haunted places, but one such spot takes the crown as the scariest of them all.

Visitors to this landmark have reported a wide array of spooky things, including smashing glass and banging on the walls at night.

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Welcome to the Forepaugh House

Credit: Top 5 Scary Videos via YouTube
Credit: Top 5 Scary Videos via YouTube

House Beautiful recently named the most haunted house in each of the fifty states and the Forepaugh House in St. Paul took the top spot in Minnesota.

What Makes it So Spooky?


Here's what House Beautiful had to say about the Forepaugh House:

This stately home was the former residence of local magnate Joseph Forepaugh and his wife, Molly. They weren't exactly a happy couple. In 1892, Molly discovered Joseph in bed with their housekeeper. When Molly (who was also pregnant with their child) tried to end the marriage, Joseph died by suicide. The legend goes that Molly was so distraught that she hanged herself.

-House Beautiful Website

Since then, visitors have reported seeing both Molly and Joseph roaming the halls. Molly is most often heard making noises in the attic where she ended her life, while Joseph tends to linger in the basement and even outside the home.

The Forepaugh House was a longtime restaurant in St. Paul and offered tours as well, but recently closed its doors for good. Now Molly and Joseph have no one to keep them company but each other.

Here's hoping that a new owner opens its doors to the public soon, although that could just be "witchful thinking".

See the full list of the most haunted house in each state from House Beautiful here.

To see more spooky places located in the state of Minnesota, check out the YouTube video below.

Story Source: House Beautiful Website

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