Minnehaha County Commissioners have picked a local ambulance provider to serve a section of the county mainly north and west of Sioux Falls. Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday morning to award the contract to Med-Star.

Commissioners began discussing the issue three weeks ago but delayed a decision until Tuesday. Med-Star which has its headquarters in Brandon was competing with Texas-based Paramedics Plus for the contract.

The county's medical director had advised that both companies were equally suitable for the job. Commissioner Jeff Barth found that Med-Star stood out to him.

Mostly, Barth is impressed with the group’s resilience. “I've seen Med-Star go against opposition in the city of Brandon, against opposition in District Six and they've fulfilled all their obligations every time they have made a promise. They were able to follow through and get it done correctly and so I had no problem supporting them.”

Med-Star will have a contract to provide service through the end of 2016. Paramedics Plus recently won the contract to be the ambulance carrier for the City of Sioux Falls.

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