It's always intrigued me how the very same item can completely change in value after it's simply been in the hands of someone.

For example, take a piece of wood. Say a 4x4 about 3' long. What's it worth? Maybe 20 bucks.

Now carve it into a baseball bat and watch that same piece of lumber jump to hundreds of dollars. And that's nothing, I'm not done yet.

Now let's say that bat was once used by the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth. That 4x4 we've been talking about here just became a million-dollar stick of wood.

The bat used by Ruth to hit his 500th home run was auctioned on Saturday for $1 million, eight hundred dollars.

Ruth hit his 500th homer on August 11, 1929, in a game against the Cleveland Indians. The ball cleared the right-field wall at League Park and rolled down Lexington Avenue. Ruth was the first of just 27 Major League Baseball players to ever reach that mark.

With the sale of that bat, you can say "The Babe" hit another one out of the park!


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