With Halloween fast approaching, many parents are buying costumes for their kids! Division Chief Steve Fessler of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue offers several suggestions.

“Definitely when you are selecting a costume make sure it’s the correct size for the child. That way you can prevent trips and falls. Aside from that you should also provide your children with a flashlight or glow stick. It makes it much easier for drivers that are on the streets.”

Fessler recommends you buy costumes that are made of flame resistant material.

“This is always a great idea for the costumes that are flame resistant. There is usually a tag on a costume that will indicate it is flame resistant. This is definitely something parents should really look for when they are choosing the costumes for their kids.”

Fessler urges parents to focus on safety during Halloween night.

“You know not only the safety of the kids walking around but also for the drivers. You want to slow down, turn your headlights on especially when you’re in the neighborhoods where the kids are going to be walking around. Keeping an eye out! Kids get excited. They might dart out onto the streets on their way to the next house.”

Fessler says Halloween should be fun, yet safe!

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