Take a serious look around you right now. Do you see a mess and a bunch of clutter?

If the answer is yes, now I ask you the next question. Do you feel anxiety and become stressed out often?

If so, then it's time to clean things up, and I mean the sooner the better. Perhaps your top New Year's resolution should be to get organized. Move the lose weight and spend less and save more down the list.

It's a scientific fact, that clutter can cause one to become depressed. I'm talking about your home, your work place and even yourself.

Research studies show that sloppiness and mess really causes us stress and anxiety. If you are swimming in a mess all around you everyday at work, you will become unhappy with your profession. The mess will distract you.

If your house is a disaster zone, you won't be able to relax during your time off. Then you go back to the clutter at work again. This is enough to drive a person crazy.

Take some time and get everything in order. Get rid of any items you'll never need and clear out all the junk. Go into organized mode all the way and get ready to feel no longer disappointed and distracted. You will become more mentally and physically relaxed.

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