This squirrel in my hand is not just any squirrel.  This little animal engages in new adventures not only by climbing trees but also by riding water skis.

Meet Twiggy...the Water Ski Squrriel Phenomenon and an animal I would consider my new special friend.

Believe it or not, Twiggy has been performing on water skis and entertaining crowds since 1979!  According to Twiggy's website, this whole act began as a cute little joke.  Chuck and Lou Ann Best are the individuals responsible for creating Twiggy, the squirrel icon.  Chuck originally bought a remote control boat for his daughter and jokingly told his friends he needed it so their new pet squirrel could learn how to water ski.  That actually did not sound like a ridiculously crazy idea.

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So how did Chuck and Lou Ann Best come to own a pet squirrel?  The website explains, "In 1978, a baby squirrel was rescued after being blown from her nest during a hurricane.  Chuck and Lou Ann Best chose to take her in and make her a part of their family. The little squirrel adapted very well to her new home in Sanford, Florida."  The whole Twiggy experience is now a rescue organization for squirrels just like the first Twiggy. Twiggy tours the country using her celebrity to share the importance of water safety and how to stay safe while enjoying water activities.

Twiggy has been seen on "Good Morning America", "The Rosie O'Donnell Show", "The Wayne Brady Show" and "Late Night with David Letterman."  A few weeks ago, Twiggy made an appearance in Sioux Falls at the 54th Annual Sioux Empire Sportsman's Show. Twiggy also ended up in my hands...yes I held the squirrel!

It certainly is refreshing to have events like the 54th Annual Sioux Empire Sportsman's Show return to the Sioux Empire.  I would have never met Twiggy if the show didn't happen!

You can learn more about Twiggy by clicking here.

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