You want to drink beer. You do not want to drink in the knowledge of beer this guy has.

Check out this amusing short from Third Leg Studios, which skewers that dude who not only knows a lot about beer, but also feels the need to share it all with you whether you're interested or not.

We all know someone like this. He's the snob who looks down his nose at you because you ordered a Budweiser and don't appreciate the brewing process. He somehow thinks he's better than you and more sophisticated. He's so into his passion that he can't possibly understand why no one else would be interested.

It's like that friend we all have who constantly tells us about his fantasy football team, even though we're not in the same league with him. We don't care, yet he keeps yapping about how his lack of wide receiver depth is going to come back to haunt him in the playoffs. We hear what he's saying, but we just don't care. We need a beer to calm our nerves, so heaven help us if he's also a beer snob...

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