Meet Vivian Grover, South Dakota's oldest living person according to the South Dakota Health Care Association. Vivian is 107 years old, born in February 1911.

Vivian grew up on a farm outside of Dover, Minnesota. She met Harry Grover, while visiting her brother in Rapid City, they fell in love and they married in 1931. Together, they worked a ranch, then later owned Grover’s store in Keystone, and worked for Donaldson’s department store in Rapid City. Vivian also was a deputy clerk for the magistrate court. Vivian’s husband died in 1987 and she now lives at Fountain Springs Healthcare in Rapid City.

Vivian helped raise her husband’s three children in a blended family, and has 10 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, 57 great-great-grandchildren, and 12 great-great-great grandchildren.

“Do what you want to do,” is Vivian’s advice to others. “I’m just thankful I am here today, and that I can drink coffee, eat, and have a good night’s sleep.”

The Century Club was created by the South Dakota Health Care Association to recognize South Dakotans age 100 or older, both for their longevity and their contributions to our state. Over 1,200 have been added to the esteemed group.

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