See that young lady up there, the one many folks call Mrs. Delicious?

Well, I knew her when, as they say. And I mean way back when. In fact, I first met her the day she was born. And no, I'm not going to say exactly when...that would be too much information.

Suffice to say, it was a few more than several years ago. While lots of folks in Duluth, Minnesota and now all around the Land of 10,000 Lakes know her as Mrs. Delicious, to me and my family, she's Stacey. She's my brother's daughter. My niece.

And she's one very special lady.

Stacey...oops, I mean, Mrs. Delicious...does a lot of things for a lot of people. One of the things she does is give out free ice cream treats. It's a 'pay-it-forward' type of thing. And while the story of how it all came about (including a devastating family tragedy) is touchingly told in the great story below which aired on KARE 11 TV in the Twin Cities, I think Stacey's own words explain a lot:

People want to know that goodness is prevailing over evil, and they want to be a part of that

So simple. So true.

To say her ol' bald-headed Uncle is proud is an understatement.

Stacey is back to her 'real' full-time job now in the Duluth Public School system teaching homeless children and others in from families in transition. But do me a favor, would you? If you happen to find yourself in beautiful Duluth, Minnesota next summer taking in all the beautiful sights and sounds, keep an eye out for another beautiful sight.

Mrs. Delicious.

Enjoy a free ice cream treat. And if the spirit moves you, go ahead and pay it forward.

Bless your heart Stacey...oh doggone, I mean Mrs. Delicious!

Check out the Mrs. Delicious Facebook page for even more cool information and pictures.

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