Caiti Blase, KDLT News

It was July of 2013 when Tony Stewart took his talents to Huset’s Speedway. Unfortunately, his race ended with an accident and multiple fractures in his leg.

The NASCAR driver credited one group for saving his leg and potentially his life - Med-Star.

Now, Med-Star Ambulance is trying to make a difference in race track safety not just in South Dakota, but across the country.

Wednesday, the Huset's rescue team held the first-ever dirt track race rescue seminar in Brandon.

About 80 people from more than a dozen different race tracks gathered for training and to discuss ways to make the industry safer.

Med-Star's next stop on their safety campaign is Pennsylvania.

To find out what World of Outlaw sprint car driver Craig Dollansky had to say about the seminar, read Caiti Blase's complete story.

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