What does it take to put on a great car racing event? What are all the needed elements?

The right field of cars and drivers, perfect track conditions, proper officiating and good weather and that should be it. But we need one more thing, the most important of all. And that's a safety crew.

Remember we are assembling an event of who can win a contest made up of the most high powered racing automobiles and drivers that will put fear aside when it comes down to winning.

These guys are going to race at the ultimate speed with their cars closer together than you park your car next to the guy in the supermarket parking lot. One little slip, faster than you can snap your fingers, and it's end over end into the wall.

This is a dangerous sport we are talking about here. Until there's a proper safety crew in place and ready for anything and everything, don't even fire an engine up in the pits.

One of the best teams in the world is the crew of 'Med-Star Dirt Track Race Rescue' of Sioux Falls and Brandon, South Dakota. Jay Masur is the director of this very much respected team of 15 professionals.

That respect has reached the national level after the team came to the rescue of professional driver Tony Stewart. Stewart believes that what Masur's team did for him, saved his career and perhaps his life.

Stewart was involved in a serious crash racing in a sprint car event in Iowa in 2013. It was Med-Star Dirt Track Race Rescue that responded to the scene as they were the safety team at that race.

After this incident where Stewart is saved by Masur's team, a story now develops. Stewart realizes what Masur's skill meant and how important that it be spread worldwide for all of racing.

They now are teaming up to promote and implement safety crew training for all tracks in the nation. Stewart has put his name on Masur's team and they are putting all of this into motion.

Masur says, 'we have already been contacted by tracks as far away as the East coast.' Masur made it clear that this is a huge move for the sport of racing.

Masur made the statement, 'We are going to make dirt track racing safety better. That's my only goal.'

Masur and Stewart have been in close contact ever since their friendship began after Stewart's crash. They have been in contact not only by telephone, but several times in person. They are both committed to bringing race track safety to a whole new level.

I sat down and talked with Jay Masur about all of this. And with the great help of my colleague Tony Wright and his video expertise, we have this to share with you:



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