Jay Masur with Med-Star Paramedic Ambulance of Brandon says that his initial agreement to provide back up service for Paramedics Plus of Sioux Falls seemed like a good partnership at the beginning, but things changed after calls were activated.

Sioux Falls City council's recent informational meeting covered several member's concerns over quality of care verses response time statistics.  Councillor Pat Starr reminded those at the meeting that the discussion was about lives of those in the community, not of response times.

According to Masur, of the 24 times Paramedics Plus called for assistance, 23 times the calls were cancelled, citing a Sioux Falls ambulance becoming available. In the meantime Masur had taken the expense of putting another ambulance in service in Brandon to ensure coverage, while another Med-Star Ambulance was answering the call in Sioux Falls.

Masur says it appeared the city and Paramedics Plus was using them to make their response times appear better than merely waiting for another Sioux Falls ambulance to become available.

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