South Dakota has an ever-growing list of fun, family-friendly things to do, and soon, that list will include downhill snow tubing.

A new park is set to open sometime in 2022 or 2023.

According to Pigeon 605, the park will be built on what at one time was a large ski resort in South Dakota called Deer Mountain Ski Resort.

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credit: Pigeon 605
credit: Pigeon 605

The property was bought by a Nebraska-based family business, located just south of the South Dakota border called Keating Resources.

The family business bought the 700-acre plot of land recently. They plan to build a new gated community, which will include 30 homes, as well as a private ski area for the residents.

As for the tubing park, it will be on an additional 50 acres, adjacent to the Deer Mountain village community.

The Deer Mountain Ski Resort originally opened to the public in 1967 but closed in 2017.

Construction of roads is already underway and is expected to be completed sometime in October. The properties will go up for sale in the Spring of 2022.

The area is a perfect spot for a snow tubing park, as it receives over 300 inches of snowfall each winter. It's also at a high elevation. In fact, there's nowhere east of the Mississippi River higher than where the park will be located.

For the full story of the new Black Hills Community, along with the Tubing Park, check out the article from Pigeon 605 here.

Story Source: Pigeon 605

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