Farming can be an extremely dangerous business. The hard working American farmer is constantly exposed to power machinery and all of the harmful moving parts.

A farmer also must be on guard when working around livestock. Also working in the hot sun can cause heat exhaustion and even heat stroke.

Another huge danger that a farmer must be aware of, is getting trapped in grain. It's like being stuck in quicksand.

The life threatening situation of grain entrapment came into play Tuesday (7/10) in Sioux Falls. A man was trapped in a grain bin full of soybeans.

The man was up to his chest in soybeans. Once a person becomes trapped, it's very hard to get out because the grain causes a friction with the body.

Being pulled out is not an option due to the force on the spinal cord. The grain has to be blocked away from the body of the trapped person.

Four different fire departments responded to the scene. The man was freed in just under an hour using grain rescue tubes. He was not injured.

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