Earlier this month, a Minnesota State Trooper was in the fight for his life after pulling a man over for suspected drunk driving. The incident was caught by the Minnesota DOT cameras on the side of the roadway, as the trooper was struggling on the ground after being struck by 38-year-old, William Cleve.

Luckily a Good Samaritan showed up at that critical moment, quite possibly saving the trooper's life.

Vincent Williams was driving on the highway in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, when he noticed the officer on the ground, with the perpetrator on top of him. He pulled to the side of the road and proceeded to help the officer detain the man.

You can see exactly what went down in the video link below, provided by the Minnesota Department of Transportation's YouTube Channel.

Not long after that evening's harrowing events, local law enforcement non-profit, Backing The Blue Line stepped up to say show Williams how much his help was appreciated. Earlier this week, the organization presented Williams with a check to say thanks. Nearly 300 people contributed to the funds raised for William's heroic gesture that night.

For more information on Backing The Blue Line and the work they do for Minnesota Law Enforcement families, check out their website here.

Story Source: KSTP TV

Story Source: Backing The Blue Line

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