Imagine, you're working on an oil rig, 135 miles from land. You look out and expect to see a whale, fish, dolphin, the usual. But what do you see instead? A dog in paddling in the middle of the ocean.

A Chevron crew were recently working on one of their rigs, located in the Gulf of Thailand when Vitisak Payalaw, (one of the crew members) spotted the K-9 in distress.

After several rescue attempts, the dog was finally reeled in. It was then the crew realized what bad shape the pup was in. The dog looked like it was in need of food and water and had a sad look in his eyes, so the crew did their best to make their new companion feel at home on the rig. They even gave him a new name, Boonrod. The name means "good karma".

It's unclear as to where Boonrod came from, but most people seem to believe he likely fell off a fishing vessel. It's also unclear as to just how long Boonrod was in the water, paddling before he was found by the Chevron Crew.

This story has a happy ending, though. When they came back to shore, Boonrod was adopted by Vitisak Payalaw, who had become very attached to the animal.

See more of this story in the video link below.

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