As Told by Nick Gondoras

Engaging in one of the roughest sports is one thing! Kneeling down and giving a ring to your teammate is another! Tori Marie and Devon Gordon are now teammates for life and they tied the knot where they play the game at the Scheel’s IcePlex in April.

Life on the ice is a bond a little bit deeper in Sioux Falls. The Sioux Falls adult hockey community is tight to say the very least. We are a small group versus the big hockey towns in Minneapolis and even the northern border towns of Grand Forks and Minot. Where hockey is the definition of these cities! One could assume that Sioux Falls is mainly a basketball winter sport town.

The great news with the edition of the Scheel’s Iceplex, the youth hockey program is exploding. Brian Prisbe General Manager of the Iceplex anticipates another sheet of ice in the plans hopefully in the not so distant future. Rinks are also being proposed in Brandon with fundraisers currently underway to support the Brandon Valley Ice Cats Program.

The rise in youth hockey for both males and females suggests more demand for ice. Coupled with our warmer winters the game mostly can be played indoors year around. Years ago Outdoor ice season was a two to three month season. Unfortunately that has been reduced to mostly one month of outdoor ice.

Congratulations Tori Marie and if you’re wandering she’s a little more experienced and has a bit of an edge on her game on Devon (Show’s female hockey is and has been growing to a point that they not only compete but beat the boy’s at all levels). Devon Gordon hat’s off to you buddy on a great check in love.

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